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This limited edition download and chapbook set features the second composition released from Nate Wooley's For/With commissioning series and festival. Written specifically for Wooley, Christian Wolff has constructed a gloriously knotty and Wolff-ian set of musical questions about pacing, silence, timbre, and melodic meaning that Wooley approaches with his naturally curious and improvisatory spirit.

This download release comes with a beautiful, small book featuring an interview between Wolff and Wooley, an epic poem by Utah-based poet Craig Dworkin, and Wooley's aphoristic writing about the challenges and rewards of For Trumpet player. The book is designed by Lasse Marhaug in TTE's classic minimalist design.

The For/With Festival occurred in three iterations, from 2017-2019, at Brooklyn’s Issue Project Room space. Initially conceived as a commissioning series, the concerts were an outlet for Nate Wooley’s project of commissioning, performing, and documenting pieces for solo trumpet by composers that may not have seen the instrument as a viable or interesting outlet for their musical voices. The first festival, in 2017, included solo premieres of works by Christian Wolff (TTE003) and Michael Pisaro-Liu (stem-flower-root TTE002), as well as works by Ash Fure and Annea Lockwood. In 2018, the premieres consisted of works made in direct collaboration with Wadada Leo Smith (Red Autumn Gold upcoming release TBA) and Annea Lockwood (Becoming Air 2021 release on Black Truffle Records) as well as ensemble works by Annea Lockwood, Ash Fure, and Catherine Lamb. 2019, the last year of the For/With Festival included premieres of work for trumpet by Sarah Hennies (monologue TBA) and Eva-Maria Houben (chanting ballads TBA) as well as works by Katherine Young and Ryoko Akama. Although the festival had reached its end before the COVID quarantine, work continues on new commissions by Martin Arnold and Magnus Granberg in hopes of creating an alternate literature for the future of solo trumpet.

Each Tisser Tissu Editions recording will be accompanied with beautifully designed books including information and context intended to help unspool and reconstruct the meaning of the music in the same way the reader unravels and reweaves a text. In some cases, these accompanying features will clarify: composers and performers talking directly about their work. In others they will only give a vague contextualization or will exist to purposely frustrate understanding. All of these elements are intended to goad the audience into reflection and personal study, with the best possible result being a return to the work as a way of invitingnew and individual threads into the overall fabric.

TTE003: Christian Wolff For Trumpet Player Chapbook and Download Card

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